Great set design and useful props can help bring your story to life. Planning the sets and set construction, props, before production begins will help ensure all of the story elements required by your script are addressed adequately.

Tm Barrett Designs offers a highly respected 10,000 sq. ft. full service scenic shop with artisans, craftsmen, and technicians to bring your dreams to life for temporary or permanent environments.

With our 30 years in the theming industry, and 30 million dollars worth of breath taking environments, we are a cutting edge leader in our field, offering a truly one stop shop.

Please give us a call to discuss your next project! No job is too small or too large. Projects range from $1000 to $100,000. We are team players & look forward to helping you achieve your creative vision and immerse your guests in an extraordinary themed environment or a high end corporate atmosphere. We enjoy what we do and it shows in the attention to detail and quality of the finished product.

Please give us a call, and whether you need a hand on a small project, or need a complete design build package. We are your one stop shop.

Studio Sets

Bloomingdales - Production design, studio rental, provided props

Photography and Film Backgrounds

Computer Painted

Computer Painted Backdrops can be printed either on a canvas like material (Supercloth) or on a muslin-like material (Freedom Cloth).

Hand Painted

Hand Painted backdrops are at a quality level all their own. After 30 years of experience,  we’ve mastered creating the perfect Hand Painted replicas everytime. We have mastered the most delicate of color changes in our Old Masters, Solids, Splashes and Muslins. All together, our series of Hand-Painted backdrops are sure to please.


In addition to our Hand-Painted and computer painted backdrops, we offer a large selection of unique fabrics and papers. We carry several support systems from which you can choose to best fit your needs. These backdrops, support systems and miscellaneous items can help your studio function at its best.

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