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Located conveniently in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Tim Barrett Designs offers four stages that are ideal for still shoot, television, independent feature and commercial productions for internal and third party clients.  


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We are visual artists and storytellers, who, in consultation primarily with the director, create and develop the overall look, atmosphere and emotion that move the story. We do this through the conception and creation of stage sets and the selection and alteration of practical locations and backgrounds.

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Sets & Props

Great set design and useful props can help bring your story to life. Planning the sets and set construction, props, makeup application, and wardrobe before production begins will help ensure all of the story elements required by your script are addressed adequately.

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Shooting a TV Commercial?

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For the past 30 years I have been working as a production designer in the television commercial production business. I have created hundreds of sets for dozens of film companies.

Designing with SketchUp has opened the door to a new age in set design. Like so many other designers, I have created visual presentations using pencil and paper. SketchUp has allowed me to design, and to produce endless pre-visualizations, with speed and efficiency.

Set Design:

Using SketchUp, I can quickly create wall structures, block out background objects and place foreground objects where your product needs to be featured for filming. Resizing walls and moving components is a snap. I can then add in details such as props, appliances and finally shadowing.

Virtual Camera:

Working with the Director, we began to choose camera lenses and angles and to set up shots within SketchUp. I then render an animation showing the camera movement in relation to the set and talent. This allowes us to arrive on the shoot day with your shots fully previewed.

Presentation to agency and client:

SketchUp up allows me to quickly respond to client feedback. I am now able to make specific changes on the fly, avoid time-consuming redraws, and keep the approvals process moving.


One of the greatest features of SketchUp is the dimension and measure tool. I no longer have to re-draw in a CAD program. Using the 'Views Toolbar', I can quickly provide working drawings to the carpenters and grips to meet your demanding schedule.

Here you can see a photo of a finished set below.


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