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Located conveniently in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Tim Barrett Designs offers four stages that are ideal for still shoot, television, independent feature and commercial productions for internal and third party clients.  


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We are visual artists and storytellers, who, in consultation primarily with the director, create and develop the overall look, atmosphere and emotion that move the story. We do this through the conception and creation of stage sets and the selection and alteration of practical locations and backgrounds.

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Sets & Props

Great set design and useful props can help bring your story to life. Planning the sets and set construction, props, makeup application, and wardrobe before production begins will help ensure all of the story elements required by your script are addressed adequately.

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About our eye-catching Broadcast set designs


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Tim Barrett Designs is a scenic design and construction company providing innovative sets for Production Companies, Broadcasters and Corporations at studios and locations in Atlanta and nationally since 1992. Based at the Krog Street studios, our company has the experience and creativity for delivering designs that not only work within the studio or location space but also work with production requirements and support the brand. Our designer creates visuals and conceptual 3d models, build and installs studio sets, finds and adapts film locations, sources dressing and props materials.


Services and our clients


Offering a full concept design to construction service, we supply clients with a design program scheduled on a simple stage by stage structured basis so that clients can monitor design and build as work progresses and that works with existing ‘new build’ programs or production deadlines already scheduled.


We have worked with many broadcast clients on this basis and have provided production design/build to a large number of terrestrial and digital broadcasters as well as working on feature films and commercials. Set builds can range from full interior office spaces being adapted for news broadcast or corporate training facilities to full studio entertainment or drama production use.


We have been working with clients and have produced design and construction for news studios, current affairs, entertainment, television and film drama, comedy, staff training and web cast productions.

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